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Product Features For Everyone

Discover how mobile meetings remote assitance AR telestration distance learning enterprise wearables works for you.

Create massive efficiencies on the industrial edge. Be confident in a robust unified communications platform built to perform under the most challenging circumstance and environments.

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Powerful Features

Video Conferencing
Providing a more unified and collaborative experience for remote experts and teams in the field.
Live Video Annotation
Designed uniquely for the field, Telepresenz allows annotate on a live video screen.
Text Messaging & Chat
Message your team quickly and effectively from your phone and even hands-free technology.
Screen & View Sharing
Collaborate with one or many users to see what your team sees out in the field.
Media & file sharing
Share documents, images, videos and even 3D images in real-time.
Workflow Automation
Consistently provide high quality products and services with digital step-by-step work instructions for your team remotely or in the office.
Job Assignment Tools
Improve accountability and visibility with job assignment and tracking tools.
Workflow Status Tracking
Improve your processes with workflow status tracking designed specifically for remote experts and teams in the field.
IIoT Data Overlay
View additional data about equipment or products with overlaid visuals for better insights and communication with your team in the field.
PDM Visualizations
Integrate with product data management frameworks for data input and visuals to give your team more insights on the job.
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Telepresenz is built on a highly-scalable, enterprise-grade cloud environments, delivering advanced security and compliance capabilities.


Deploy on most modern smart devices, enterprise wearables and mixed reality headsets.


With popular ERP, EAM,CMMS and other unified communications platforms.

Industrial Strength Collaboration

Our collaboration platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing IT/OT infrastructure. Quick to configure, deploy and onboard, our easy-to-use platform ensures the entire organization immediately benefits of full collaboration and connectivity.

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Deploy Telepresenz on your own private cloud, on-premise or through a hybrid solution.


White-labelling, custom reporting, IIoT and PDM augmented reality visualization.


Orchestrate, support, and monitor mobile workers from a centralized control room.

Trusted Clients & Technology Partners

Usable on most mobile & wearable devices: Android Apple iOS Realwear Vuzix

Stream, meet, collaborate, visualize, instruct, engineer and rethink the way you communicate with your team remotely. Available for download on your favorite marketplace and device.

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