Manufacturing & Assembly

Increase remote collaboration and productivity.

Telepresenz® creates a connected workforce between workers and remote experts that decreases downtime and improves enterprise efficiency. Having a connected workforce with our platform ensures team collaboration and effective knowledge transfer.

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Benefits you can trust.

Over 30% of Telepresenz® users reported an increase in efficiency and improved first-time fix rates in 2019.
Every manufacturing step is overseen, which ensures consistency.
“Point-of-View” training on all aspects of manufacturing to a large group of workers can increase team collaboration and reduce training costs by up to by 50%.
Contextual, augmented reality-based guided information helps employees finish their tasks completely and effectively.
Telepresenz® can lead to a 90% increase in the accuracy of goods added to orders.
True Digital Collaboration In The Field

Telepresenz Starter Kits: Quick Onboarding Low Risk/Commitment Digital Transformation

Our starter kits are designed for larger organizations interested in jump-starting their field team’s digital transformation. These kits include everything your organization needs to quickly test our field team collaboration platform capabilities, including:

Hands-on training with your field team
Light integration with ERP, EAM or PMD systems
Workflow digitization
Pilot KPI tracking and reporting

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