Extending Digital Twin Software to Frontline Workers

Extending Digital Twin Software to Frontline Workers

Telepresenz and Antea announce a strategic partnership to integrate and jointly pursue projects in the energy sector.

Telepresenz’s award winning remote assistance software platform runs on hands-free wearable devices (such as Realwear™, Vuzix™, Rokid Glass™, and others). It provides frontline workers with digital workflows and remote expert guidance.

The Antea™ platform is one of the industrial market’s leading AIM (Asset Integrity Management) solutions, creating a 3D digital twin of a facility allowing operators to track inspection data, maintenance, and failure risk profiles for every piece of equipment.

Combining remote assistance technology with Antea’s digital twin solution enables field workers to stay connected with back-office experts and all mission critical equipment data. This creates huge operational efficiencies improving both safety and speed for inspections, maintenance, and repair.

“At Antea, we strive to deliver the most feature-rich mechanical integrity risk-based inspection platform available. Together, Antea and Telepresenz will help change the way work happens with asset integrity management in a post-pandemic world,” Floyd Baker, VP Antea North America.

This integrated solution allows the field team to capture inspection data in a paperless fashion with hands-free smart glasses. Data such as videos, photos, measurements and sensor data captured during inspections will be directly uploaded into the Antea platform eliminating the need for manual data entry.

“We are very excited to partner with Antea and believe this partnership will drive accelerated growth for both companies in the global market,” said Indu Tolia, CEO/Founder of Telepresenz. “An integrated offering of Antea’s asset intelligence and services with the Telepresenz real-time remote assistance and digital workflow platform will reduce equipment downtime, improve overall service delivery, and reduce costs for businesses.”

The digital transformation technologies from Telepresenz and Antea promise operators significant benefit in digital plant management while keeping field personnel safe in hazardous industrial environments.

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